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Livestock Gross Margin for Cattle Premium Estimator
The CARD Livestock Gross Margin for Cattle (LGM-Cattle) Premium Estimator allows users to estimate LGM-Cattle premiums based on the latest information from the live cattle, feeder cattle, and corn futures. The LGM-Cattle insurance product allows cattle producers to insure the difference between fed cattle revenues and input costs (this difference is referred to as gross margin).
  1. Begin by choosing a Deductible level: $0 to $150 (by $10 increments) of expected gross margins.
  2. Next, choose a Type: Yearling or Calf.
  3. Choose the State in which your cattle operation resides.
  4. Fill in the expected number of cattle marketed in each month shown below.
  5. Finally, click the "Estimate Premiums" button.

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This Web page is intended to assist producers, crop insurance agents, and other interested parties in estimating LGM premiums. This Web page is not the official source for LGM premiums. Please contact your crop insurance agent for official premium quotations.

For more information on LGM, see the Risk Management Agency's LGM Web site.

Additional information from CARD: "Implications of Extending Crop Insurance to Livestock" (pdf) by B.A. Babcock; "Livestock Revenue Insurance" by C.E. Hart, B.A. Babcock, and D.J. Hayes.

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