Shelley Laracuente - Co-Owner, Ag-Vision Marketing, Agra-Business Software

What's In It for You

Entrepreneurs (and your management team):
We know the entrepreneurs value the time they can network with peers. We also know that finding appropriate funding for your business is just one of the many things that keep you up at night. Renew Rural Iowa can help satisfy both those needs and offer you even more. If you’re a small business owner in an Iowa community of less than 30,000 people who has a plan to create and/or grow a business in rural Iowa in the next two to three years – or is looking for a business refresher, Renew Rural Iowa is here for you.

Entrepreneurs know that it takes a multitude of skills to successfully start and operate a business. From developing a business plan… to producing the right product and service offering … to a marketing plan and sales goals… to building the right team. Add financing, legal, and other essentials, including your passion (the secret sauce), and you have the essential ingredients for success. Next, the recipe.

That’s what you’ll learn at a Renew Rural Iowa seminar. When you successfully complete a seminar, you will be eligible for experienced mentoring, coaching customized to your needs and the opportunity to access various funding sources.