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  • 97.5% of Iowa farms are family farms.
  • Iowa agriculture and ag-related industries support 1 in 5 Iowa jobs.
  • Agriculture accounts for 1/3 of the dollars driving Iowa’s economy.
  • Iowa farmers lead the nation in conservation tillage and in the number of acres they dedicate to grassy buffer strips along the edges of their fields – two important practices to reduce erosion and protect water.
  • Iowa leads the nation in producing ethanol and biodiesel, renewable fuels grown on Iowa farms that burn cleaner and reduce our dependence on oil.
  • Farmers help Iowa generate more than 1/4 of its energy from wind.
  • Farmers are constantly adopting new methods and technology for growing safe, wholesome food and protecting the environment, including the use of GMOs – which allow farmers to use less pesticide and grow food with better nutrition.
  • Iowa farmers are embracing new technology to care for the land and water, such as using soil sampling and GPS technology to apply fertilizer more precisely.
  • Iowa farmers are making continuous improvements that benefit our water. For example, they have increased their use of cover crops (which help keep nitrates in fields and out of water) by 4,600% since 2009!
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