Individually, each Iowan’s effort is important.  But when we put our efforts together, we can make amazing things happen for Iowa.

We’re the Iowa Farm Bureau. We do these things because we’re your neighbors.  We’re Iowans. And nothing feels better than seeing Iowa rising!

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Working for Iowa's Farmers.

We believe agriculture is a critical component of Iowa’s future. Whether it's providing education or leadership classes to farmers or representing them at the local, state or national level, we’re committed to helping farm families prosper and improving their quality of life. See how Iowans are helping Iowa Rise. Learn more here.

Strengthening Iowa's Rural Communities.

Vibrant communities start with people and the activity generated from their entrepreneurial spirit. Farm Bureau has a long history of encouraging economic and entrepreneurial development in our rural communities. After all, farmers are true entrepreneurs. Through the Renew Rural Iowa program alone, we’ve reinvested more than $125 million in a decade to bring jobs and new life to Iowa’s rural communities. Learn more here.

Investing in Iowa's Future.

Iowa Farm Bureau believes in cultivating individuals with great character, a strong work ethic and exceptional leadership skills. That’s why we are a leading contributor to educational programs and annual scholarships for our state’s most precious resource, our children. Learn more here.

Promoting Quality Healthcare for Iowans.

We believe in healthy, vibrant communities where people don’t have to choose between staying healthy or staying farming; between paying for food and utilities or paying for prescriptions. Through our comprehensive health care program, Farm Bureau members have access to everything from quality health insurance and supplemental health benefits, to preventive and innovative community health services. Learn more here.